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FITKO is simple, but very effective, professional club membership management and tracking software system that can be used in gyms, fitness, wellness and other health and sport clubs. It is suitable for both small and large systems, featuring reliable database server and efficient client application.

New release (FITKO 2010 Lite) will be soon available for international customers! Of course, for the same price as previous release and with free upgrade for all registered users.

Usage in any other kind of organization required to track memberships is also possible, since almost all of the implemented functions can commonly be used. It was developed for Croatian market, but due to its success it was decided to make it available internationally - this software system is used in some of the most popular Croatian fitness centres and gyms.

DOWNLOADS FITKO 2.81 DEMO - FITKO 2.8 manual - GUI snapshots - video

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Currently, four languages are supported - English, German, Spanish and Croatian. In near future, we plan to provide software translations for other languages too. If you are interested in buying the software, and you are willing to provide custom translation for your language, please contact us - language manager is available to all customers to provide local translation - we offer fair discounts for participating customers!

FITKO is being constantly upgraded and improved. All our customers are welcome to contact us with ideas about functions that could be implemented in order to make our product even better. Available for all MS Windows platforms - 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista.

FITKO club membership management software system - GUI sample - membership management tracking e-commerce payments receipts barcode support member photo...

Ideal solution suitable for all size gyms and fitness centers! For small gyms - single PC installation is sufficient ("one-click" installation and setup, embeded database, full functionality) - membership handling, receipts printing, ID card design and print, bar-code (cardsweep) card reader support, attendance tracking, simple point-of-sale solution, basic commerce/sales analyisis, unlimited number of subscription models, products and services (complete sales solution for gym). For large and complex systems - local area network support, reliable database server (Firebird) engine included, no-limits in number of PC's used in the system, discount rates for larger systems - decreased costs for additional licences.

Phone, e-mail & MSN support available to all customers and interested parties!

Tool for custom translation available free - customize initial translation, use your own translations in your FITKO system - make it more familiar for your employees...!

FITKO is open software system - therefore, it can be upgraded on-demand to build complete or partail ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system which includes CRM (Customer relationship Management), sales processing, warehouse managament with supply chain management (inputs - products) and decision support system based on customer and member details available.

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